Derivatives TouchDesigner Course with Andrew Quinn

Singapore: AIMS Productions (AIMS), a Singapore based Professional Audio Visual Multimedia (Pro AVM) production company held their 2nd Professional Development Training for their design and technical department from 10 January 2014 to 15 January 2014. As an advocate of Continuing Education and Training (CET), the management at AIMS believes that their employees’ continuous development are the […]

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Lightseeker Behind the Scene- A Resort World Sentosa Musical

AIMS Productions, a Singapore based Pro Audio Visual Multimedia production company was engaged by Moving Bits Pte Ltd to provide consultation in support of the musical production requirement for an integrated multimedia control system as well as the design, specification and programming of the entire projection and visual display system. Over a span of three months, we work on solutions to realise the vision of the clients. For this project, we worked on grandMA2 lighting console to capture the timecode that was send from the audio department. The grandMA2 was programmed to trigger the start cue on the Green Hippo Hippotizer HD media servers which in turn was responsible for all outputs to the various visual displays system comprising of a set of Christie Roadie HD35K+ (IRIS), two units of Barco FLM R22+ for the presidium and lastly the 18m by 9m Lighthouse LED Video Wall (Backdrop).

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AIMS Productions Validates Their Barco Projection Rental Inventory with HDQ-2K40

AIMS Productions Validates Their Barco Projection Rental Inventory with HDQ-2K40

AIMS Productions (AIMS), a Singapore based Pro Audio Visual Multimedia company have come a long way since they made their first investment on the Barco HDX-W18 WUXGA Three Chip DLP Projectors eighteen months back. Then they are the new kid on the block which became Barco’s first rental partner in Asia to accept into their video inventory the HDX projectors. In the same year, the HDX won huge accolades and received it’s stamp of approval by being awarded two prestigious awards; InAVation Award for Most InAVative Commercial Projector and Commercial Integrator Best Award for Best large-venue projector.

Being a company that believed in complete optimization and competitive positioning of their assets, AIMS was the first Barco rental partner in South East Asia to sign up the special option for their existing fleet of projectors to undergo a two stage upgrade and conversion to a HDX-W20 FLEX. This important step will equipped the HDX with the light-on-demand feature for flexible light output as well as the BarcoLink which allows for progressive WUXGA 50/ 59.94/ 60 Hz signal distribution over a single BNC cable. Gary Sze of AIMS added that plans has also been put in place to further extend the lifespan of the HDXs through the conversion of the entire fleet into an Active 3D Projector as well as to accessorize the projectors with an automated yoke for versatility.

Taking a step further with their continued investment on the HDX, AIMS walks another milestone by being the first Barco rental partner in South East Asia to acquire the World’s brightest projector for the rental and staging industry, the Barco HDQ-2K40 Three Chip DLP projector. In similar fashion, the HDQ large venue projector followed the HDX achievements by being awarded the Projector of The Year by Live Design. Eddie Tan of Barco added “Their decision to make this quantum leap was a natural progression as they are known to be an avid user of Barco’s Projection and Image Processing products. We recognised that every relationship is different, so we treasure all our rental partners alike with no exception and we will always provide our measured advice with their best interest at heart. We are happy to have AIMS onboard our journey, grow with our flagship products and on behalf of Barco, we congratulate them on being the first adopter for the second time coming in this region.”

Gary concluded “We have decided to continue our investment with Barco as they have not only developed a series of innovative products that addressed the stringent demand of the rental and staging industry but the factory has also go through great length to improve the Man Machine Interface (MMI). We are bought into Barco and believed that the way we pay attention to our equipment can make a huge difference in the way we experienced it. As we stay committed to realise our vision to provide the “Best in class creative solution,” we would like to show our appreciation to Eddie and his team for their patience and unwavering support.”

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2013 Islamic Solidarity Games Projection Mapping

2013 ISG

Indonesia: The 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games is an international sporting event held in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia from September 22 to October 1, 2013. The opening ceremony officially began on September 16, 2013 at 20:00.

The Islamic Solidarity Games is a multinational, multi-sport event. The Games involve the elite athletes of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. The Islamic Solidarity Games Federation (ISSF) is the organisation that is responsible for the direction and control of the Islamic Solidarity Games. The first event was held in 2005 in Saudi Arabia and there are currently 57 members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Non-Muslim citizens in the member countries are also allowed to take part in the Games.

2013 ISG 01

In support of the 3rd Islamic Solidarity Game, the show producer has developed a show requirement for a projection mapping for the opening and closing ceremony. To realise the projection mapping, the organiser engaged 89 Audio Visual (89AV), a Jakarta based Technical Productions company which started out on it’s humble beginning as a rental staging company in the year of 1992. 89AV has over the last years noticed the changing trend in the events industry, made the bold move to foray into Multimedia and they have since come a long way as this is a route many has spoken but least traveled.

Upon the committee awarding of the contract, Widi Surya Budiana of 89AV approached AIMS Productions (AIMS), a Singapore based Barco rental partner to collaborate on the larger than life project. Although this project was the first time the two companies collaborated intimately, these was the third outings the companies have worked together; the first being the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 World Tour 2012 with the last opportunity in the second quarter of the year executing the musical , Ariah at Monumen Nasional. Reffly Muhammad Putra, Senior Animator from 89AV was the overall Project Manager as he took the lead in the project management as well as the responsibility of conceptualizing, designing and developing the multimedia contents. Keith Ji and Ray Rahman, Multimedia Specialists of AIMS supported the project working on control system, system design and integration. AIMS also supplied the ArKaos A10 Media Servers and a fleet of nine units of Barco HDX-W18 WUXGA Three Chip DLP Projectors.

2013-09-30 22.54.162013 ISG 02

To deliver the organiser’s requirement to project the image on the underside canopy of the Stadion Gelora Sriwijaya, the teams produced a the custom 4K resolution canvas that spanned over the length of thirty six meters with a width of fifteen meters. The team deployed the projectors in two clusters of four projectors inclined at an angle tangent to the ceiling surface from a throw distance averaging twenty five meters. The team considered the distance between Front of House and Back of House locations imposed by the organiser; made another crucial decision to position the media servers nearer to the projectors. The Control System comprising of the LSC Clarity VX20 Media Console which send the start cue for the entire sequence was connected via a CISCO Small Business Solution Switcher to the Media Servers riding on Lightware Signal Extenders at both end. The transmission of the data packet was delivered on two sets of five hundred meter of high grade OM3 fibre optics cables. The distribution at the Back of House was completed with two units of Analog Way DVI distribution amplifiers, Trident DVI-DVI213.

As the control and projection system was being integrated, Reffly and his team of designers of 89AV uploaded all the custom contents onto the ArKaos A10 media servers. The challenge for the two teams was that the image was to be projected on the underside of the canopy was affected by the column structures and the presence of the stage structure. The two teams with their combined experiences working on a myriad of media servers went with the solution to use the ArKaos Video Mapper features to split the surfaces into seven parts to address the physical limitation while not compromising the quality of the image. The entire image was output through a single layer and output on seven independent surfaces.

2013 ISG 03

The show was a complete success baring the many challenges the teams had to overcome throughout the planning, design and operations phase of the project. Reffly of 89AV was quick to add, “We were encouraged through the success of our first collaboration and we looked forward to forge a closer association, sharing of knowledge and experiences.”  Using best practices and the latest technological advancements, the two companies hopes to deliver their commitment and passion to provide the customers with a superior staging experience.

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